Want to Win a Lottery? Choose the Right Game

Winning the lottery by any means other than dumb luck requires the use of effective and time-tested winning lottery systems.  In fact, employing the proper techniques and principles in choosing your winning number combinations, for example, provides you dramatically higher odds winning a coveted jackpot.

While many believe the lottery is simply a game of chance, the fact of the matter is that, like poker and most other cards games, the lottery is both a game of chance and a game of strategy.  A wide range of lottery strategies have been developed – some requiring a good deal of research on your part and others not.

Lottery strategies most often revolve around how to pick the winning lottery numbers.  But, while strategies to pick the winning lottery numbers are, undoubtedly, very important, they are not the only factors to consider if you want to optimize your opportunities to win the lottery.

Another signifiant factor in raising your chances of winning the lottery is your selection of lottery game to play.  Like ice cream, lottery games come in a variety of flavors, with new games and new wrinkles to existing games being added continually.  Not all games, however, offer the same probability of winning.

Many games with the highest payouts provide you the lowest odds of winning.  Conversely, some lottery games with lower payouts offer significantly higher odds of winning.  Of course, if you are able to pick the winning lottery numbers in a game with a very high payout, that would be a life-changing event for most players.  But, picking winning lottery numbers on a more or less regular basis for games with lower payouts and better odds of winning can also enhance your lifestyle.

The bottom line is that your selection of lottery games to play will dramatically impact your opportunities to win.  So, an effective lottery winning strategy should consider both game selection as well as methods to pick the winning lottery numbers.



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