Picking Lottery Numbers: Don’t Always Shoot for the Moon


The bad news is, there is no Santa Claus, no money tree, and no sure-fire way to win the lottery.   However, there are strategies that you can implement to improve your chances of winning lotteries.  Winners are selected every day for lower draws. Lotteries asking you to pick winning Mega Millions numbers, or pick winning Powerball numbers pay out less often, but for much larger jackpots.  However, someone always wins!  That someone could be you, if you follow these simple and sound rules to legally “cheat the lottery.”

The first rule is to keep playing.  The more often you play, the greater the odds that you will hit one day, when you pick the winning lottery numbers.  Statistics are in your favor, provided you don’t give up and continue to buy those lottery tickets.

The second rule is to double-check, triple-check, and even quadruple-check your ticket, to see if you did pick winning numbers.  Many a jackpot has gone unclaimed and been put back into the pot for the next drawing, simply because the person who held the winning ticket did not properly check!

With respect to how to pick winning lottery numbers (Rule #3), steer clear of choosing all even, all odd, all small, and all large numbers.  In other words, vary the numbers, as you’ll have a better chance of claiming a prize.  Also, be aware of trends – meaning, combinations that have recently constituted the winning numbers.  At times, three or perhaps four of the winning numbers will pop up consecutively.  But because this occurrence is rare, you don’t want to play those same numbers again.  The probability is high that the same numbers won’t appear again so close together.  Save yourself some money and don’t play “follow the leader.”

In understanding how to pick lucky numbers, also be aware of which numbers are “hot” and which are “cold.”  Hot numbers are those that come up the most often.  Cold numbers, by contrast, are those that occur the least amount of times.  To know what’s hot and what’s cold, you’ll have to keep track of the winning numbers over a relatively brief span of time (a few months is optimal).

To maximize your chances, you will want to select a combination of hot and cold numbers.  By allowing you to cover a broader range of numbers, this strategy improves your chances of winning.

Whether you play a regular lottery ticket or shoot for the moon (i.e., pick Mega Millions or pick Powerball), a little research and common sense, as stated here, can really elevate your chances of taking home the jackpot!


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